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Old 20-01-06, 09:00
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Colin Reilly
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Default Dirk Leegwater

Dirk, I've been trying to contact you via E mail but they musn't be getting through.
I'm trying to get info on parts from your site.
Which is the best E mail address to contact you on?
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Old 20-01-06, 11:39
Vic Eaton Vic Eaton is offline
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Default dirk leegwater

Like colin i have sent emails to you but never had a reply'
regards vic uk.
Vic Eaton
C15 1942,C30 WIRE 1943
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Old 22-01-06, 03:51
grant fincher grant fincher is offline
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Default "no reply"

Dirk must be a very busy man. I have sent him no end of e-mails with a list of goods to buy and have only got " I'll come back to you later" responses. I have even rung him direct and after a year, assumed the items he offers are just not available.
It's such a good web site too. You feel great that you can buy those impossible to find items and then nothing happens.
Iwish you the best of luck
Grant Fincher
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Old 22-01-06, 17:02
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Default Re: "no reply"

Originally posted by grant fincher
Dirk must be a very busy man.............
Very sorry guys but there is a light coming on the einder.
My son Stefan and I have now split our business & hobby
e-mails and phone calls.You know we have a beach-cleaning
and a garbage recycling company. It was always possible to
receive some e-mails between hobby and business, a sort
"Tower of Babel " story. Take a look on Stevens website (not complete ready)
and my website page: who is Dirk Leegwater ?
My complete LwD address :

Voorburggracht 57 - 59
1721 CR Broek op Langedijk
The Netherlands
Tel. +31(0)226-313616
Cell +31(0)6-53787132
Fax +31(0)226-320232

The LwD shop have more than 2000 diffirent CMP items
in stock, thats a lot but, to bad, not everything is online.
For only hobby, maybe a to big job !!!

Mvg. Dirk
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Old 22-01-06, 22:06
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Default Sort of suspected something must have been happening

Sort of suspected that something was wrong either with your e-mail or with my e-mail because, you not responding did seem like you. Glad to here you have tracked down the problem. PS enjoyed the card at year end.

Cheers Phil
Phil Waterman
`41 C60L Pattern 12
`42 C60S Radio Pattern 13
`45 HUP
New e-mail
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