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Old 05-10-10, 05:16
Wayne Henderson Wayne Henderson is offline
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Default Chev rear main oil seal

Hi Guys,
Where can I find a rear seal for a Chev gearbox/transmission?
It has 4 holes in the retainer plate, part no 2063383.

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Old 05-10-10, 14:37
Euan McDonald's Avatar
Euan McDonald Euan McDonald is offline
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Default performing seal

Hi Wayne,
You may have some luck with Ross Prince from Harvey Bay, I sure that's the sort of stock he keeps.
Euan McDonald
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Old 06-10-10, 11:38
Wayne Henderson Wayne Henderson is offline
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Default Rear seal

Thanks Euan. Forgot about Ross...
Spoke to Ross and that part, a parts list and others are on the way.
Thanks again,
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Old 06-10-10, 14:25
Phil Waterman's Avatar
Phil Waterman Phil Waterman is offline
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Default I have used a pressed in seal

Hi Wayne

I have had problems finding these seals, so instead I sized the OD and ID for the necessary seal and used a pressed in seal. No problem with it staying in place after many years of service. While you are working in that area what is the condition of the universal yoke seal area that this transmission seals against? I have used speedsleeves to renew this area which is often worn.

Cheers Phil
Phil Waterman
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Old 06-10-10, 22:31
Bob Carriere Bob Carriere is offline
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Default Hard to find......

when I rebuilt my tranny I could not find a "pure" modern part that would be desugned like the original.

I use a place called Industrial Solutions and they search the market place by size..... not by part number....

So I privided ID OD thickness, ect. they then come back with various manufacturer that have the modern parts available and the location has it usually affects shipping costs.....

What we found was the right size but none ahd the sheet metal spot welded tabs that were part of the original. so we took a spare used bearing and carefully removed the sheet metal tab with the four holes has it will, once installed, Potentially keep the bearing from creeping out of place. We sacrificed the old bearing during the grinding to safeguard the sheet metal tab.

Phil's point on Speedy Sleeves is a critical issue. Not much point in installing a new seal if the yoke, on which the seal rides/rubs on. is grooved or pitted with rust or worn as it will very quickly destroy the effective sealing quality of the new seal. I ussually instal the yoke in a wood lathe using large 3 jaw chuck and using emery paper...sometimes a fine file and reduce the major bumps..... that removed any large protruding burrs but leave the grooves inplace. I then measure vry accurately using a cheap Princess Auto digital caliper and call in the numbers to the distributor. what you get is a very thin metal sleeve that will press fit using the supplied tool onto the yoke..... you only get one chance or you will f** it up.... has to go in very straight....on some I used Loctite because I felt it might have been too loose. Cost of the Speedy Sleeve usually exceeds the bearing/race....seals are cheap.

The final product is a brand new surface for the neoprene seal compound to rub against and should last you a life time.

If you live well and are kind to others and beleive in the Almighty and talk to him regularly....... it may only leak occasionnaly.....!

After $700 ++ in seals, bearings, bearing race, Speedy Sleeves, ect. ...... my tranny and t-case have not lost their inbread ability to mark their territory. That is the nature of the beast.

NOTE.... If you are replacing the bearings..... most of the modern ones have neoprene seals to keep lubricant inside the bearings..... for tranny and T case application, I was instructed by the supplier to use a sharp knife and remove the neopren seals on the inside of the bearing so it will be bathed or splashed in tranny oil.

Bob Carriere....B.T.B
C15a Cab 11
Hammond, Ontario
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Old 10-10-10, 05:28
Wayne Henderson Wayne Henderson is offline
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Default re seal

Thanks Phil and Bob.
The yoke on the gear box is in good condition and I have a nos seal ordered.
The diff yoke/input is badly groved from the seal steel spring wearing against the surface, I am looking for a replacement.
Only used speedy sleeves once before but I can turn the yoke down in the lathe to the size needed to fit a modern seal. Statewide Bearings here in Perth are a great help, you take in your old bearing or seal, (they don't ask "What's it off?) they measure width, id and od and supply you with one that fits.
Even bought new shackle bushes from them, Teflon coated...
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