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Old 10-03-03, 00:25
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Default Need Help For A Veteran

If there's anyone here in the health care field, I have a vet from 1CACR who's in bad shape in Sudbury Memorial right now. They want to ship him to Owen Sound (which is good because one of his kids is there), but at this time of year it's almost a 5-hour drive through god-knows-what weather.

We've heard that his veteran status might entitle him to helicopter transport, which would be far faster and far quicker (and far safer). Obviously I can't call any of the government departments tonight... but can anyone here enlighten me on what we can get and whom to call 1st AM tomorrow?

This is personal to me, ladies and gents... I've stayed in the guy's house before. His wife of 60 years is petrified and I want to help if I can. I love them both.

PM me or email me if preferred, but please pass along what you know, ASAP.

:remember :support
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Old 10-03-03, 10:35
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Default Elgin Regiment

Geoff, see my reply in the Staff Forum.
- Hanno
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