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Default Ottawa Perley Rideau Veteran's Home day

Below is a copy-paste from a message I received. My name got on the Home's mailing list as a point of contact for military vehicle collectors. Others were involved because I was out of town that day:

"So without a doubt yesterday had a few issues (Queensway closure being one), but the event turned out well. The Vets, Families and staff at Perley Veterans Retirement home were very grateful for us taking time to go and visit them and as some of us discussed this will be a talked about point around their groups for the next several months.

I would like to Thank Robert Carriere for bringing his Military truck (1940). I was listening to a few people (Vets) regale about the truck and "Back in the day" conversations.. I can honestly say, you make their day a lot brighter and I thank you for your time to share some memories with them. Also to Capt Terry Hunter to show up in his Signals Uniform (WWII) which clearly had them talking with him and his extensive history background/knowledge on uniforms and Units.

To the UN/NATO Ottawa, CVFR Ottawa & 1 CAV Paardeberg Units members who attended. Thank you, the conversation was not limited and very engaging.. To meet a few of their "Century Club '' members and the WWII & Korea chatter was nothking less than amazing and this in itself is something we should all be honoured and privileged to hear about as the history books don't have this kind of details nor laughter.

As I hear back from the Perley staff and the chatter from their members in the afternoon, I will pass along the comments.

Again, Thank You all for taking the time.. More to come & follow..

Paul Whitlock"
Terry Warner

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