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Default Canadian copyrights

I was not sure where to put this, but a few years ago the Archives in Ottawa e mailed me about the permission that I sought over some CMP photos that I acquired copies of:

....Thank you for your request of 31 December 2003 regarding the copyright status of four photos from the collections of the National Archives of Canada. The copyright on all four photos has expired, and you will be able to use them in your upcoming project. A form letter to this effect will arrive shortly by mail. I have pasted a copy of it below.

Regarding the second request in your letter, it is not possible for us to grant permission for you to use additional photos from the National Archives of Canada, if you do not have reference information for each item. It should be possible for you to use the photos, however, if they originated before 1949, as the copyright on all photos taken before 1949 have expired according to Canadian Copyright Law. For photos taken in 1949 or after, the copyright generally expires 50 Years after the death of the photographer. Any photos from the Second World War should not present any copyright problems.
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