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Default Where have all the Manufacturers gone? By Roger Gibbs
1940 cab 11 C8
1940 Morris-Commercial PU
1941 Morris-Commercial CS8
1940 Chev. 15cwt GS Van ( Aust.)
1942-45 Jeep salad
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Default Marvellous.

Good reading and well done. Thanks for the story.

You father would be grateful you wrote it.

Cheers Peter Simundson
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Very interesting anecdotes.

1943 Bedford QLD lorry - 1941 BSA WM20 m/cycle - 1943 Daimler Scout Car Mk2
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Default subcontracting

The problem with subcontracting critical parts to companies that don't know the consequences of their decisions is rife in small arms production. They think their changes in steel or process won't matter, but watch out! The receiver of the British L96A1 sniper rifle was specified to be machined; except the aerospace contractor thought they knew better and cast it instead. The designers could not easily convince them that their decision was fundamentally dangerous to the shooter, and only with great difficulty showed them.
Terry Warner

- 74-????? M151A2
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Beware! The Green Disease walks among us!
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