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Default C8A in RAF service


Does someone know if there where C8A's in RAF service?
I thought I saw a picture once of a C8A with roundels, but can't find it again.


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Roundels were not exclusively used by the RAF, but by all Commonwealth vehicles until the Spring of 1944 - see quote below from Air recognition roundels on Canadian AFV's.

Vehicles used in the NW Europe campaign used the Allied white star, sometimes crooked.


Originally Posted by Mark W. Tonner View Post
The following is from Don Dingwall's CANADIAN ARMOUR IN THE ITALIAN CAMPAIGN ITALY 1943-1945, Canadian Vehicle Markings, Order of Battle and War Establishments for 1st Canadian Corps and 1st Canadian Armoured Brigade:

"By the spring of 1944, the U.S. star was adopted as the standard AFV recognition marking. Prior to this, the combination of the red/white/red AFV flash and a roundel of red, white and blue, similar to early war RAF roundels, was used. The roundel was applied to the tops of turrets or engine decks on Shermans and other vehicles where space allowed, and on the engine hoods of Otters and other wheeled AFVs, and on the cab roofs of many softskins. This was officially discontinued on April 11, 1944, but roundels were still seen for some time afterwards."
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