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Hey all

I have a question that I really know the answer to but I need to ask anyway, I have a friend that is ex military and seems to think I am dumb enough to believe that the LSVW has some crazy 10,000 year warranty because there were so many issues with it when we were testing them. Any of the current/ex military people here have any info about this?
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Old 16-08-21, 14:57
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They weren't warrantied to make it across the street. I remember having to recover one that didn't make it 20 miles on initial issue.

Normally, on purchase, there would be a year or so warranty on new vehicles for the DND. It usually meant a lot more paperwork. We still did the work, but added to that was a claim form and a technical failure report. But it was so many years ago now, that I don't remember what the warranty was on those lemons. It certainly did not go for more than a year or so.

These days, they build in provisions to some of the contracts of new fleets to include recovery and downtown support, or field support reps in the maintenance shops. This is aimed to reduce the number of military mechanics, or to help with the shortfall of them.
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