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Old 25-06-16, 00:02
Drew Sydorko Drew Sydorko is offline
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Default New Regulations to Inspection


Wondering if someone can fill me in on the new regulations for safety inspection. I have historic plates, insurance and registration for my CMP but my temp sticker has run out. I'm in the process of switching wheels and tires but have a working set on now. Am I best to try to get this truck safe tested before July 1st? I think the truck is ready to be safe tested. Does this new reg include historic vehicles? What will the new regs have the owner do for a safety test after July 1st. Thanks again Ontario Gov't! If the new regs don't relate to historic vehicles I will just wait until I have the new wheels on. I couldn't find a darn thing on the web about how this might apply to historic vehicles. Also, what is the existing rules for safe test on historic vehicles?


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Old 25-06-16, 01:24
Bruce Parker Bruce Parker is offline
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Default Gonna cost you more....

Yup, new safety check regs from our crappy, in your face and cost you big bucks Ontario government:
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Old 25-06-16, 02:49
Bob Carriere Bob Carriere is offline
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Default Do everything to get it done before Canada day....

....... you will still be able to do it after but will no doubt cost you more $$$$$$.

Bob Carriere....B.T.B
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Old 25-06-16, 14:45
Ed Landstrom Ed Landstrom is offline
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I should read the new regs a few more times, but I didn't see anything about historic vehicles being any different from other vehicles. The old version said that each system that is part of the historic vehicle must be tested, so things that didn't exist when it was built didn't have to be retro-fitted.

Some of the sections look scary, for example the one that limits the size of permissible floor repairs to very small holes.
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Old 25-06-16, 14:54
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Do it right or don't do it at all.
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Old 26-06-16, 01:14
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The accountability of the facility performing the inspection is being increased is the main thrust my good friend informs me.

Our heavy vehicles have had to have various dimensions, drum diameters, rotor thickness etc for a while now.

That kind of thing is coming down to the smaller vehicles.

The excuse that a vehicle 20 days since it's safety has no rotor left wont fly anymore at the scene of an accident.

The "not fitted at time of manufacture" is still in existence to my knowledge.

As Chris Vickery says, do it right and you have nothing to be concerned about, after all, we are not in Europe are we . . . .
Robin Craig

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Old 26-06-16, 18:07
Drew Sydorko Drew Sydorko is offline
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Looks as if there is not enough time to push this through as I DO want a safe vehicle. I'll take my time and make necessary repairs as are needed. I'll have the mechanic give me a pre-inspection. I've waited this long might as well do it right. Thanks for the input. I guess this is why we are in this situation now because some mechanic pushed through an unsafe vehicle and someone got hurt.= lawsuit. For clarification I had no intention of taking my truck for long distance trips just an opportunity to move it from one shed to the next to work on it. The last thing I want is for the truck to not stop in a parade and hurt somebody.

Thanks guys

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