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Default Honesty

I wish people would be honest and up front with their posts for information as I dislike wasting my time to help someone pad an eBay listing. Shame on me as I have fallen for this duplicity before and I should have known better as the indicators were there. The requester had less than 10 posts and there was a hint that the image had been cropped but no reply was forthcoming when asked for a better resolution image and source of the photograph. What fooled me was this poster appeared to know more about AoS markings then your average "I'll join this forum to tap it for the free information" punter. Posting hi-resolution scans to forum of the front and back of the image would have lessoned the sting and been a gesture of thanks for the help; but I suspect this would probably have cut into the profit of selling the photograph - and we cannot have that.

I have relearned a valuable lesson and will be more cautious in the future.
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