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Originally Posted by Ed Storey View Post
I stumbled upon this painting this afternoon, I am not sure what it is called, but the artwork can be easily researched as the original is held by the CWM.

Attachment 117129
I love that painting. It is correct in every respect down to the spacing of the screws. I suppose the flashes could be artistic license or fictitious due to wartime censoring but the photo I posted below says otherwise. One detail missing is the yellow and black bridge class sign that should be on the right side of the sloping front armour. For many years I questioned the accuracy of the rest of the markings if this required marking was omitted. But if you look at the photo you'll see the bridge class was placed on the armour in the wheel well under the right fender. So from the angle of the painting it would not be visible. One more accuracy that can be verified with photo evidence.
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