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Here is the picture of the old city hall in Weyburn. I am very confident that these two buildings are the same. Both have the right number of window groupings along the front side. Also you can jsut make out the door stone/arch way on the front in the orginal photo. Another factor is the unique street lamps. In both pictures there is one located at the front corners of the building.

Also in the picture of the city hall there is another building of similar stye behing it. Its the one with the French window style doors. That style of door and the fact that its right beside City Hall would lead me to suggest that its a fire hall. At the time this photo was taken the fire equipment would have been horse drawn or modified horse drawn wagons with a motor.

Now compare this thinking to the original photo. Just to the right of the city hall building is another building with the "Star Grocery" sign. Above that is a roof and above that is a tower. Its definatly not a church tower but it sure looks like a hose drying tower used by many fire stations at the time.

Maybe im "looking into" this photo way to much but I sure do enjoy it.
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