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Thanks for that. I have a hard time blaming current generations for the sins of their ancestors. This goes from the recent WW2 horrors to those hundreds of years past.

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Hi Hanno

I remember some of these repatriated kids coming to my school when I was a kid living in Hillegome. There were also some kids of mixed marriages and that were also been sent to my school.

I worked with a lady in my office whose grandparents were repatriated to Lisse. They later immigrated to Australia. They endured a lot of hardship, cruelty and degradation.

There was a Dutch lady living here in Adelaide South Australia who was interviewed on the radio and had her story printed in the newspaper some years ago telling her story living as a16 year old girl in the Japanese Camp. She explained she was taken from her mother and used as a comfort girl for Japanese Soldiers until the end of the war.

There are so many stories of Japanese atrocities committed by the Japanese military on civilians and soldiers that would fill volumes. But that was 75 years ago, most people born after WW2 know very little about those times, apart from people of my age and older that can still remember.



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