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Originally Posted by Bruce Parker View Post
It's hard to see in the photo, perhaps the original is better, but does the Corp patch have a dark band in the centre (ie. red/black/red). The white band at the top suggests a Corp insignia. Also, does the cap badge on the balmoral offer any clue? I know it's probably hard to judge but the Toronto Scottish badge is distinctive and even a blurry shape might be a giveaway. Apparently the Tor Scotts wore blue putties early on too. This assumes it is his car he's standing beside.
The Corps sign does not appear to have any dark band running through the middle, but looks to be a plain red square. I understand that this was the version used by the Canadian Corps in 1940, before the creation of the 2nd Canadian Corps.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to see the cap badge of the driver. He appears to be wearing 1937 Pattern webbing gaiters, rather than puttees. Nevertheless, based on the information already shared, I am convinced that he should be from The Toronto Scottish Regiment.
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