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Default Can Anyone ID this Mortar Bipod and Baseplate

I picked these two items up at my (and Derk's) favorite surplus yard a few months ago. I am guessing by the size it is for the 4.2. The opening of the collar is around 4.750. Despite the rust, the elevation and traverse screws work fine. But the bipod does need a good cleanup. I am including a shot of the buckle on the strap. It is unlike anything I have dealt with before. Maybe someone recognizes it, or what country used this style of buckle?

The baseplate has me puzzled however. It is rectangular in shape with two large springs and clamps to hold the tube into the baseplate. It also has a couple of leather straps. Derk had a tube that came from this yard a decade or so back, and it had two large pins that the clamps would grab onto.
So does anyone recognize what mortar and what country these were from? My internet searched have been without fruition.
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