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Default history for M37CDN

You came to the rescue once with my Brigade markings on my trailer, and I thank you for that.

I see you are really busy, and one of the most popular people on this site.

Can you help me out here?..once more..

1984 MANAC 3/4 ton Trailer: 2330218885947 (can't read plate for a shorter number as it has been painted over a couple of times) (LdSH as determined by markings)

1954 Dodge M37 54-42324 S/N 91402527
1952 Dodge M37 52-40864 (RCA markings on hood)

1952 M37 Cdn (Shilo-RCA) 5240864
1954 M37 Cdn (Wainwright) 5442324
1984 Manac 3/4 Ton Trailer (LdSH) 914025273
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