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Originally Posted by Pete Z View Post
Scotty, any chance that you can pull up more info on my M38A1 CDN2 than you were able to before, or are you still limited to the info you can access from the DND server? The truck's CFR is 67-08251 and previously the info you gave me was missing the NSN, purchase price etc.

Thanks, Peter Z.
Sadly, no I can't at the moment.

There are two databases. One for which I presume is the Transport folks, and the other better one, the Supply and Maintainers etc.

Since I have moved to Gagetown, I can no longer access the better EDR Viewer due to some software issues.

With the watered down database, the older the Vehicle, the less info shows up, ie, for an M38A1/M151A2 only the last VMO appears. With the Iltis, all of the VMO appear.

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