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Default A possible new little animation

Hi All

Just saw this on another forum and thought it might make possible new little animation we could add to MLU.

Take a look-

I don't mind the people, particularly new to the vehicle hobby asking questions that have been talked about before. But what they don't realize is the old threads have a wealth of information that may not get repeated for their question. So do the search of the old threads read them and then ask the question in the light of what has been said before. Which probably will be a better question anyhow.

Yes, MLU's search feature is not always easy to use because you have to figure out the really meaning full key word or words to search. For example try searching on the word "search" it returns 500 threads/posts that include the word "search" which really doesn't help that much, if you go out side MLU and do an advanced Google Search just on MLU on the phrase "Doing a search" you get a more reasonable 38 threads.

Cheers Phil
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