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48-inch are the original "Aerial Rods 'F' numbers 1, 2 & 3.

The 'spring wire' top section is for the WS38, and not part of a vehicle kit.

49.5-inch are the later (still WW2) Canadian improved design with the rolled-in thread to prevent them from falling out when travelling over rough terrain.
Those became the standard, and continued into the Larkspur era and beyond, effectively unaltered apart from gaining NATO stock numbers. There are shorter top sections for the VHF sets, (C42, C45, etc.) but the original lengths were still issued for HF use into the 1980s and probably beyond.

1-metre rods (same design) are Clansman or later equipment.

The rods are copper plated thin-wall vanadium-steel, painted with the appropriate camouflage colour for the period (WW2 is SCC No.2 Brown or Khaki Green, later would be Olive Drab, later still is Deep Bronze Green.

Normal vehicle aerial usage would be two sections, which is long enough for reasonable distance communication, short enough to not snag on low branches, and more robust without the top section fitted. For static use you can get away with 4 sections (16-ft) if required: a bottom, two middles and a top, assuming it's not too windy.

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