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Arrow Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

One of the great things about this software package we have selected is the extensive documentation which comes along with it. We recognize that not everyone on this board could be termed an 'experienced' computer user, but the many user-friendly features offered here to enhance your interactive experience are easily mastered.

Before you start threads asking how to do such-and-such, please click on the f.a.q. button located on the top right of your screen. Most of your questions will be answered there, clearly and concisely.

When you do choose to experiment with some of the enhancing features of this software, in almost all instances, you will have the opportunity to view the results before posting them to the forum. Simply select Preview Post (below) and review your work. Once you're satisfied with the results, submit it and enjoy!

If you do have specific questions for which you want more detailed answers, by all means post a thread in the TAC HQ Forum. Someone will be happy to help you.

Thank you, and enjoy!