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Default Photo of FAA 1847 Sqn.

Originally Posted by marco View Post
Hi Hanno,

Attached is a photo from 1847 Naval Air Squadron.

Book titled "Van Tirpitz tot Kamikazes"
Author: J.G.Boon van Ochssee.
ISBN 90 6707 502 7

Hope this is of interest.
I'll have a look if I can find more information.

Best regards,

Marco Hogenkamp
Rob Philips has asked me to submit the following information:-

Persons in the FAA 1847 Sqn group pic are:

1847 FAA Squadron on RNAS Eglinton, March 1944. Left to right, standing:

1. S/Lt. John David Standish Smithwick RNVR, MIA 12/4/1945

2. S/Lt. Hendrik Christiaan de Jager RNN, KIA 18/5/1944

3. S/Lt. J. Schwenke RNN

4. S/Lt Simpson

5. CPO Rob R. Twijssel RNN

6. CPO Frans Cornelis Marie Brogtrop RNN, KIA 18/5/1944

7. CPO Simon de Ridder RNN, KIA 27/3/944

Left to right, sitting:

1. Lt. Hugh Grenville Knowles RN, KIA 22/4/1944

2. Lt. Gerry Volkersz RNN

3. Lt. Cdr. A. Colville-Stewart RNVR, 1847 Sqn Commanding Officer 1/2/1944 to 20/5/1944

4. Lt. Karel A. La Bree RNN

5. Lt. Johan Blok RNN, KIA 27/3/1944

RNN = Royal Netherlands Navy

Source: Geldhof, Nico; 'Een kwart eeuw carrierbedrijf binnen de Koninklijke Marine, I - 'Dutchies' in de Fleet Air Arm', manuscript, june 2000

FAA 1847 Squadron, with 10 Hellcats, was erected on 1/2/1944, with four British and eight Dutch naval pilots, all depicted above. Six of them would die in flying accidents, four in collisions, shortly after this picture was taken. All but one of the bodies could be salvaged from the water.

On 20/5/1944 the Squadron was absorbed into FAA 1840 Sqn.
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