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Default Death of Johannes Blok and Erick Hendrik den Hollander in N Ireland

FAO Hanno Spoelstra

While browsing the web for information on Erick Hendrik den Hollander, I came across your postings on the MLU forum amd was quite surprised to find that Johannes Blok was your Grandfather's youngest brother. I had been aware of Johannes untimely death when I was researching information about Erick Hendrik den Hollander.

As you know Johannes Blok and Erick H den Hollander were both pilots with FAA Sqn 1847 in WW2 and both lost their lives in flying accidents in N Ireland.

Erik H den Hollander died when he crashed into my Grandfather's farm at Loughmagarry in N Ireland around 10.30am on 28 April 1944. Having listened to my father talk about this accident over the years has inspired me to learn more about Erick H den Hollander, his life and friends in the FAA and the den Hollander family; I thought that it might be possible Johannes may have made mention of Erick Hendrik in letters he posted home. I do not know if Erick Hendrik was married but I suspect not as he was only 21 years old when he died - but then in the war years - who knows?

I believe around 1942, and in the ensuing years, many Dutch people made their way to either Australia or Canada - and I would be very grateful if you would share with me any information you might have about the FAA or the den Hollander family or what might have become of them after the war?

I found the photo of the 1847 squadron on the 'maple up' website and unfortunately, for whatever reason, EH den Hollander was not included in it - I do however, have a head and shoulders picture of him.

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