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Richard Notton
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Originally Posted by Jon Skagfeld View Post
Have any of you guys read Mark Steyn's "America Alone"?

In a nutshell, Steyn makes the point that immigrants of the Islamic bent procreate at a rate of about 5.5 live births per fertile female.

Canada's rate is about 2.1.

Do the math. Who's going to be overwhelmed?
Quite so, I attempted to be a little more diplomatic a ways back in this thread for fear of overstepping the official mark here which seems to be at a very low level when applied to what you might reasonably imagine to be a natural Briton, I said:
"plus even more hidden is the 5:1 apparent breeding ratio increase of many classes of immigrants here."

"Do the math. Who's going to be overwhelmed?" Jon rightly said, and personally I can and am more than somewhat apprehensive to tell the truth; perhaps bear in mind that on this island you cannot ever be more than 70 miles from the sea. Leaving out the odd inland lake, how is it in Canada I wonder?

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