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Originally Posted by chris vickery View Post
I read recently that the population of Toronto now consists of > 50% foreigners. That is to say, non-native born Canadians.

Good luck to our Conservative government who wants to try and undo some of the Liberal pro-refugee mess that was created.
Best I can tell, the PC Gov»'t wants to fast track immigrants by picking and choosing who we accept, regardless of their place on the waiting list. If we need to have immigrants, picking people by skill, ability and need sounds a whole lot better than letting in refugee deadbeats by the boatload.

I remember my father saying that in the 1960's, immigration policy was to accept 90% skilled labour and 10% refugees with little or no skill. Now in the year 2008, we let almost anyone in to become a burden to an already overloaded system, all on the backs of Canadian taxpayers. What really burns my a** is when Foreign Affairs acts to protect and bend over backwards to support "citizens" of Canada who perpitrate crimes etc on foreign soil. Hey, wake up, these citizenships were "granted" and as far as I'm concerned should be stripped just as quickly in extreme cases. Anyone heard of the Khadr case??? Glad we're paying to support the rest of his proven Al-qaida
family in Toronto...

and in Canada ,where the chances of growing old are very good,the birth rate is now bringing on second generation children that still consider them selves to be (Fill in the Blank) citizens,not Canadian,but where ever they crawled in from...and they breed like flies.....and survive....
Not like back in (Fill in The Blank) where the Four Horsemen are doing their job...

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