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Originally Posted by Richard Notton View Post
Must rush and check my rubbish bin, wouldn't want the lid ajar would we, I can do without a criminal record:

Welcome to the madhouse.


(Now, why do I want to leave?)
It's getting like that here . A suburban council in Sydney NSW, is experimenting with micro chips in ratepayers plastic wheelie bins . They want to know the breakdown of rubbish by weight , and whos rubbish it is . A Melbourne suburban council , checking on the ratepayers , would hire a aircraft and check out backyards for illegal construction of garages, outhouses or sheds . The '1984' premise has come to haunt us all, George Orwell got it right all those years ago. Sadly, his theoretical imagined world is now our ' real ' world .What a thinker he was . Animal Farm, my fav. I've seen many humans who think and act like those pigs .

Richard, sometimes , it takes me a while to decipher your words , I get the point of it most of the time .. I'm a high school dropout , go easy .

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