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Default Weekend, dammit, Weekend

This message is for the event organizers of the three day Aquino Weekend show.

I respectfully suggest it is time for the event organizers to assign resources to support people who wish to attend the show, but have unanswered questions. In particular, those travelling from out of town.

Others from outside Canada have indicated an interest to attend, but the web site lacks necessary details, and contains multiple housekeeping issues. At present, the email contact is invalid.

Is there camping available on site? Where is that information posted? What are the details, i.e.: guests not in period character wanting to camp and have their non-military vehicle on site. Are coaches and motor homes, trailer and fifth wheel allowed. Is there power and water? Sanitary facilities? Reservations guaranteeing an RV or tent spot?

In 2015 the weather was unkind. Fingers crossed for great weather to compliment the show in 2016.

Knock one out of the park.
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