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Default LOONG Time member finds new private message from Cliff Ladouceur!

Originally Posted by c. ladouceur (RIP)
If it don't fit in a steamer trunk,pitch it! A young man needs plenty of ball room-take it from an old man who ain't got any balls or room to store 'em. Travel LIGHT and live FAST and HARD!
Cheers bud,Cliff.
Cliff, I just found out that you have been gone for a year now... I could not leave any online obit. so I figured the best place would be to get back on to Maple Leaf Up, my god it is 2019 and last time I wrote on here was 2004. Upon logging in I found I had 8 notifications, 1 from you! so crazy! It contains some GREAT life advice that even though I did not read it back then seems like I have followed it to a tee.
So I guess this is my guestbook entry to you.
Miss you my friend.
To all the others, hello, hope you are well.

Rob Groves (cmp_uc_guy)
Rob Groves
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