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Wow, Jordan!

This is fascinating, though somewhat scary, information.

Four locks. Four different keys, even though they have the same three character alpha prefix. If this was common practise on the CMP, and other MV's side of things, these locks may have been tossed by the thousands by frustrated crew. Imagine, for example, a FAT crew with all the lockers on the vehicle. Somebody in the crew has to be in charge of a wad of keys, and how do you possibly remember which keys go where at the best of times, never mind when you and your vehicle are covered in mud, its freezing cold and somebody is trying very hard to kill you? I must pay closer attention from now on to wartime in theatre photos of CMPs to see if I can tell how many are rolling with padlocks on the various lockers.

And while I think of it, weren't the various wooden gun chests fitted with swivel latches for padlocks? It must have been an absolute nightmare in the field.

CMC is starting to look very smart now, going with a standard key code for all 52-Sets. The trick for me now will be to find an original pair of wartime Canadian Corbin Key Blanks. "Good Luck with that!" he mutters as he heads back to the beer fridge.

This thread is a real eye opener!

Thanks, Jordan!

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