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As far as Facebook and perhaps the other "social media" type sites go, yes there are groups with some interesting content, but there is no organization to the content and it is essentially un-searchable. There are some legitimate knowledgeable contributors, but there is a large number who have no idea what they are talking about (but like to sound in on every subject with their misinformed beliefs), and you also have a lot of pure trash posts that are not relevant or contributing to anything. Facebook is a nice place to go to look at photos, but if you read too much of the content your head will spin. However as mentioned, there are some knowledgeable people in some of those groups... you just need to learn who they are.

For me there is no substitute for the high quality information and guidance one can find on MLU, and from trustworthy sources who usually have data/evidence to back things up.

I hope MLU continues to maintain its role in this hobby well into the future. Thank you Hanno for your efforts in keeping things running smoothly. I realize it has been a while since I have contributed to the forum, so I will be sending some funds today to help keep the lights on. Thanks!
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