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Default Maritime Militaria Collectors Society (MMCS) - Shows


MMCS is a small group of persons that live spread out in Canada's Maritime and Atlantic Provinces. Collectors, buyers and sellers. One General Meeting a year and cheap dues. Our interests vary across the collecting spectrum with some sharing membership here, larger social clubs and on other pertinent Forums. I'm sure some of you know some of us. Many of us are active on other sites like Great War Forum, British Medal Forum, British Badge Forum, eBay, etc. Not many vehicle Guys but Bill H., Mike B. in Moncton, and Jason in Swan Creek have been vendors and customers. Usually an assortment of vehicle bits can be found each time.

We do have a fb page and although I personally don't use social media, it appears it is still somewhat popular with the masses and we put up some info there. I like the fact that we have predominantly face to face dealings and individual contact, with members who know each others interests. And the cheap dues. :wink:

We average a Show about every two months with the location varying so that membership does not have a 4.5 hr drive every time. Winter months we are very much indoors but otherwise, there is usually room for whole vehicles outside; venue dependent.

If you live in or may be travelling through our little part of the world, see below for relevant Show dates and times and perhaps drop in.


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