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Default Jeep distributors

I have 5 M151A2 rebuilt distributors to sell. These were released from base supply Winnipeg in 1988.

These are good for repair or rebuild of M38 and M38A1 distributors. The coil, cap, cover, large O-ring, condenser lead, are all interchangeable with the M38/M38A1. The distributor housing can also be used to replace housings with worn bushings on M38/M38A1s as well as M37s As you can see in the photos, the power comes in at an angle as opposed to straight in like the M38/M38A1. This is advantageous when you are running some models of the 60 amp alternator, as the lead will come very close or actually touch the alternator.

You will note these all have the electronic ignition in them. The M151A2 distributor rotates the opposite direction of the M38/M38A1, so you do have to do a little adapting to get these ignition kits to work. Basically you have to cut a new notch 30 out so you can reposition the pickup plate into the right spot. There is a little surface rust on them at the bottom of the housings near the shaft from long term storage, but the insides are like new.

Price on the distributors is $100 each. Postage is on top of those prices.
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