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I was finally able to sit down and get the Gloss Navy Grey touch up paint work done on the Sender panel yesterday morning. The 16-hour drying time was up at 5:00am this morning, though a good week will be needed for the paint to cure and harden.

As I expected, the colour match is excellent. But the difference in gloss between original and new paints does make the touched up sections sparkle somewhat in the light when you move the panel around a bit. Considering the amount of hardware and all the fittings to be reattached to the panel, however, I think the touched up paint will be lost in the other details of the panel when fully reassembled.

The two photos today compare the touched up panel to the last stage where the primer had been applied.

Next step will be to touch up the larger paint damage to the black sections of the decals. The right hand edge of the large METER Decal which should be flush with the right edge of the panel is a good example of what I mean, in the lower right corner. Once that is done, I can haul out the UV Lamp and detail any other chips that show up in the black sections of the decals.

In the meantime, the collection of parts and tools sitting at the Border are now on their way to Winnipeg and should be delivered sometime this coming week. Happy Dance for that!

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