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Originally Posted by Bob Phillips View Post
I think the name of the yard was McDougals (your photo is correct!), and they had a couple of CMPs but none as interesting as the 8cwt wireless. There was also a major surplus store on the opposite side of the town called Prices. While the glory days in surplus were over by the time I got there I remember buying 19 sets and power supplies for $10-25. They had skids of them. There was also a row of 3 ton van bodies and cargo boxes out in the side yard, and a quanset hut full of ex govt desks and furniture..
I am pleased to see the progress you have made with the truck, good luck with the restoration!
The poor thing was rode hard. The diffs had been replaced with the earlier, higher ratio ones (completely worn out) and between the I beam and the inevitable trailer hitch yanking out the lightweight rear frame crossmember there were some 'structural repairs' required. I had a donor chassis so it now has the right diffs and the rest of the chassis has been restored to what was originally intended.
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