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Default Iltis Maintenance Manual page 2-5-30

Ref: Iltis Maintenance Manual page 2-5-30


25. Installation To install, proceed as follows:

a. Insert the outer brush and spring
assembly into the housing and compress
the brush spring with a small
screwdriver. While holding the spring
compressed, insert a stiff piece of wire
through the top hole in the rear of the
housing so that the spring will be held
in the compressed position.

b. Install and compress the second brush
and spring and push the wire further
into the brush housing to hold the second
brush in the compressed position

c. Carefully push the regulator into the
brush housing until the regulator contacts
the brushes. Ensure a screw goes
through the negative jumper.

d. Install the lock washers and nuts and
hand tighten.

e. Remove the wire that compresses the
springs and torque the nuts to 125
Ncm (11 in lb).
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