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Default Iltis Alternator Problems

Hey guys, I have 4 Iltis jeeps, 2 for parts and 2 that runs. Well at least they ran long enough to get off the transporting trailer....

One of them has an over voltage production that i can get to lower. I've bought a new alternator (at a great expense) but even the new one over charges the batteries at 32+ volts (I've shut down the engine at 32 volts) The batteries are fully charged with a battery charger so the alternator shouldn't have to work so hard. I have the service manual in which it just says to "turn the adjusting screw counter-clock wise to reduce the voltage" but all that does is buying me a few more seconds before the voltage reaches 32v. I've cleaned up the battery terminal and even redid some of cable ends, but still no change.

And i'm out of ideas. Reading through this forum i saw a lot of people here with extensive knowledge on Iltis so maybe someone has seen this type of problem before.

The other one has a constant idling voltage of 24 volt (23.5 when fully loaded) so I'll try one of those "full-fielded output voltage test" tomorrow...

Thanks for any help
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