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Originally Posted by Hanno Spoelstra View Post
This Australian list via Bill Kreiner helps to explain the Year - Model - Marque relationship:

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I had a copy that service manual, it was a reprint by 'Scientific Publications' from memory they were a Sydney based publisher.

The DeSoto ute I salvaged, had the Aust. army nomenclature "SP11 12 cwt GS van" stenciled on the cowl . I paid $80 for the ute in 1981. The DeSoto had been used on a farm near Bendigo, the farmers name "Gouldian - Marong" was on the drivers door. While at a Bendigo swap I drove out to Marong and asked a chap on the roadside and showed him pics of the ute... yep he said he married the daughter and he said he had been in the ute many times in the late 1950s. He said they delivered cans of milk with the ute to the local dairy.
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