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Originally Posted by Ed Storey View Post
So based on a lack of accurate information from the government and little personal knowledge of firearms getting the average voter to not support this ban is perhaps wishful thinking.
The government absolutely knows this and is counting on it. All part of the plan I'm afraid. Sneaking in Boys rifle and vintage mortar bans was just opportunistic and may have been an insurance policy against criticism if it ever got too loud. All they'd have so say is "who needs a howitzer?" No amount of argument that they are historical, old, carefully and expensively restored, honour our war effort and soldiers and have been safely owned for multiple decades would do any good swaying the average urbanite's feelings.

Interesting, the minister pushing this (I shan't name him, you know who he is if you're from around here) was questioned yesterday why certain 'assault rifles' were banned when others weren't. His answer was something like "the ones not banned are older technology and are very few in Canada". Well ho-lee. If Boys rifles and 17 pounders don't fit that exactly I don't know what does. So why are they included in the ban?

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