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Originally Posted by Robert Bergeron View Post
We are not leap frogging Lynn , we are pole vaulting all the way to the moon by gosh ! Please fellows , don’t remind the powers to be that they forgot the very dangerous PIAT ( for the uneducated this is irony ) on their infamous list . The cumbersome , heavy and crude projector that helped a famous Canadian hero earn the Victoria Cross !!! Blair’s list . The list of shame . This post will self destruct in 10 minutes .

A PIAT would not meet the definition of a firearm, since it has no barrel. But then again, they can write just about anything on that list. Don't forget that nunchuks and throwing stars are on previous lists. Apparently on the TV series KungFu in the 70s, they were quite deadly in the hands of David Carradine.

Apparently the new list may have inadvertently prohibited most 12 and 10 gauge shotguns because of their bore diameters. They also appear to have banned two websites and a New Brunswick locksmith in their haste to list all the AR rifles. Stay off of lest you break the new OIC.
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