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The Firearms Act clearly states "All applicants are screened to ensure that there are no reasons why, in the interest of public safety, they should not possess a firearm".
The military hating prime minister has abolished these types on looks alone. It was former prime minister Chretien who said " there is no reason anyone, other than the military and police, should possess firearms". Looks like JT is a chip off the old block.
As far as "fair market value" is concerned if it comes to a buy back program, they will have effectively destroyed any value the firearms have, and will probably only offer a fraction of what people paid for them.
Giving provinces and municipalities the power to ban handguns, property that was legally purchased and then criminalized, perhaps the provinces and municipalities would pay for relocation costs to those who don't want to give up their property.
Hold on to your hats folks, if this guy stays in power, we are in for a rough ride, as JT (and his NDP, Bloc and Green minions) transforms our country into his Utopia.

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