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Default Nearly prohibited firearms for the HMV crowd

The letter of the regulations is about a certain number of joules of muzzle energy. To that end, the list of really really bad pieces now specifies a number of mortars, towed anti-tank pieces, crew served and shoulder controlled recoilless rifles, and (with God as my witness) Surface to Air Missiles. If you have one of these on your property or museum, you need to weigh getting the next level of paperwork and storage to keep Prohibited Firearms just like live machine guns, or consider having them deactivated.

This is a piece of regulation that seems to have been ginned up based on a few rather specious arguments without consulting the museum community. Now is the time to get your Member of Parliament's attention, and as many of the local historical community associations as you can.

To give an example, Gunner Mike and his truly merry mob of blackpowder sniffers run a Canada Day convoy around his local area. We nearby HMV owners join his parade for the occasion, for the generous lunch at the local Legion and for the chance to meet and visit. (I do it so I can tell the Shriners and the nice horsey people where to fall in, but that's just me.) Mike's part of the show is to fire 6-Pounder salutes at noon. His 6-Pounder is technically now as horrible a danger to society as an AR15 or a box of live M72 Light Anti-tank Rockets. Yup.
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