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Originally Posted by rob love View Post
Well now were getting heavy into politics, but here goes:
Last election the Liberals won only a minority, (they actually got less votes than the opposition party) and Trudeau suffered from over exposure combined with stupidity. At the end of the election, he kind of took a lower position, and his deputy minister was supposed to do a lot of the public exposure. However, with Covid, he has been coming out once a day to say nothing, and with some of their shortfalls on handling the crisis here, are worried about their government falling once parliament is sitting again. Remember, it was the Liberals who tried to sneak in that bit into the emergency bill that would have given them unchallenged powers to regulate, tax and spend until the end of 2021. Coincidental, that is when the bulk of theLiberal MPs would qualify for pensions (56 years).
Gun control is a wedge issue. If the conservatives come out too strong against it they will be played as rednecks come next election. If they remain quiet, then the gunowners, who are passionate of their sport, will not provide monetary support. Make no mistake, they are also ridign the cotails of the Nova Scotia event, which quite frankly would not have changed one iota if these rules were in place then.

Trudeau has been running high deficits since he got into the position 5 years ago. He had and had little room to maneuver when Covid hit. We are now into a recession, and things are going to be tough for the next few years. They will use any tricks they can find to try and maintain power.
Trudeau shamelessly used this pandemic to not only slide in this greasy gun thing, but to hide a closet full of misdeeds and scandals.

I have had an uneasy feeling about this and put it down to the dirty way it was done and how little concern there was for truth, 'evidence' or how many business, outfitters, gun stores and suppliers it would decimate but there's something else.

Many of us collect and restore military stuff because we like to, but also because we feel a responsibility to honour the soldiers who used it and craftspeople who made it. At great effort and expense we make it available to the public to see, feel, touch...a link to the brave lads that defended us using it.

With this gun ban, that includes many of these artefacts that are decades old and not a danger to anyone, the government and people who support it are in effect saying they don't care and our efforts are not appreciated.

That hurts.
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