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Yep. You have an amnesty for now, so can continue to store them the way you have been, but you can't take them out, can't sell them, can't use them. You can turn them in for compensation to be determined at a later date, and you can deactivate them. I have the guidelines for deactivation of larger bore stuff here somewhere. The chamber is drilled and pinned with a hardened dowel of 1/2" if I recall.

An organization that I belong to sent an email today indicating they are going to take action either politically (we still have some political allies) or through court action. They tell us not to panic which is the first good thing I have heard in a day.

If you look on rebel news, apparently n their hast to get as many submodels of the AR15 as possible, the included a couple of websites and an Eastern locksmiths business name.

Perhaps one option is to go the museum/business route. That would allow the possession, display and use of these items.
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