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Default 1 May 2020 Canadian firearms legislation changes

Canada has just announced a list of 1500 firearms that are moving from the scary but slightly OK list to the really really bad list by change of regulation. The program is a 2-year catchup between today's Order in Council to legislation passed in Parliament.

A few things caught my eye as I read down, and wanted to alert owners to do their legal required best until further notice.

ie (z.221) Russian Artillery M1942 Anti-Tank Gun;
M72 Rocket Launcher
several Mortars and Recoilless Rifles
Terry Warner

74-????? M151A2 plated and on the road
70-08876 M38A1 ready for the road
53-71233 M100CDN trailer manufactured by MCI ready for the road

Wow! All three green beasties run!
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