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Default Re: Vehicle Markings 1940-1945

Originally posted by Wigger K. F. van der Horst
Especially I'm searching for the numbers: 55, 68 and 69. I need the numbers for identification of photos, made in 1945 during the liberation of Nunspeet on May 19th 1945
Hi Wigger;

'B' Squadron, 2nd Armoured Regiment (Lord Strathcona's Horse (Royal Canadians)), C.A.C. (of the 5th Cdn Armd Bde/5th Cdn Armd Div) are credited with the liberation of Nunspeet on 19 April 1945. Their Arm of Service serial at that time was '51'.

Also present in Nunspeet on 19 April 1945 were elements of the 49th Reconnaissance Regiment (AoS serial '41') of the British 49th (West Riding) Infantry Division and infantry of the 1st Canadian Infantry Brigade (1st Cdn Inf Div), of who The Royal Canadian Regiment's AoS serial at that time was '55', that of the Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment was '56', and that of the 48th Highlanders of Canada was '57'.

Nunspeet was within the I Canadian Corps area of operations.

Hope this helps.

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