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Thank you Mark.

I was a bit confused after reading the 2 CBO Staff War Diary for the advance detachment sent ahead to support 2 Cdn Inf Div.

"7 Jul 0045, Detachment moved at rear of Survey troop and had considerable difficulty with officer controlling exit of assembly area who tried to insist that we move to Corps HQ as our vehicle had Corps serial No i.e. 17."

After reading this I wasn't sure if it would have been 17 on black or on red/blue.

But this brings up another question, since Divisional HQ RCA kept the Arty colors (40 on red/blue), why did Corps HQ RCA have it on black?

The CBO Staff AoS of 17 on red/blue could be confused as being Corps HQ RCA (as the Officer controlling the assembly area exit).

Thanks again for your help.
Tony Viste
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