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Default M38CDN Questions

Hi guys. Iím new to the forum and am looking for some information on M38 CDNs. There seems to be some good knowledge and discussion here, so I wanted to pose a few questions.

I am considering purchasing a 1952 M38 CDN from a fella here in the States. I have a few concerns as the pics and details heís sent me donít quite Ďmatch up.í I love to hear what you think about the following potential issues.

1. Data Plates. The original data plates are gone. The ones attached to the dashboard are clearly repops, and the S/N stamped into the plate is the 52-xxxxx Canadian CAR #, and not the typical F-101xxx number from the factory. Seller says there are no other serial numbers anywhere to be found.

2. The seller hasnít produced a pic of the CAR number stamped into the forward left frame rail, but he says he can get a pic soon and get it to me. I am hopeful.

3. The windshield frame seems legit, but the glass is a split glass setup, which is inconsistent with M38s. And there is only one pneumatic wiper, none on the passenger side.

Aside from that, the M38 looks legit and moderately taken care of. He said it drives great, and operates normally. The 4 wheel drive works well, it doesnít pop out of 2nd gear, and the carb was recently rebuilt. It does have some tub damage here and there that was poorly fixed with bondo, but otherwise it seems to be a legit M38.

Looking for advice. Thanks guys!
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