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Default Canadian Vehicle Markings: 1947

I reached above my desk for one of the original WW2 copies of the vehicle data book, and noticed that there was another booklet taped to the back of the book. It was the 1947 version of "Vehicle Markings, Canada". Clive PB scanned it and sent me back the PDF, but I don't think I can post it on here for all to see, so I'll offer to email it to anyone that wants it. Just PM me your email address and I'll fire it off.

This particular issue stands out from the later 1950s and 60s version in that it has colour foldouts of all the command signs (prairie command, western command, etc) along with the paint codes for each. It also gives good explanations for marking such as the blue (with gold border) diamonds we see so often on the carriers. It also gives a new location for the bridge class on the carriers (lower from hull vs the right fender where it came from the factory). There is another foldout page that shows markings for all the various vehicle types.

Please feel free to share it with your friends.

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