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Yep, there it is in black and white. However, as I said, I never, ever had to flash an alternator, whether it was NOS, rebuilt, from long term storage, or just assembled from spare parts.

I know I said it earlier in this thread, but I'll say it again for emphasis: the alternators on the Iltis were not that bad. What was bad was the connection at the starter, and in particular, the connections on the batteries. When one of these worked loose, the driver would eventually stop his truck because of the very strong acid smell, and wait for us to catch up to the convoy. We were the last vehicle, behind the ambulance, and would usually be somewhat free running to every McDonalds or truck stop within a mile or two of the convoy route. Changin the alternator of course, was not enough. And usually, simply fixing the lose connections was not enough either, as the damage to the regulator was already done.

Why the army did not re-design the battery compartments on the Iltis to open from the top, or relocate them altogether under the hood in those storage compartments, is beyond me. Their location was a constant point of frustration over the 20 years that I worked on them. Operators just could not get it right: the number one rule about batteries (and one night stands) : clean and tight..
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