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Thanks for all the info, Scott. Yup, 74-09188 is the CFR that vehicle in the pics with the GPMG mount is wearing, but the owner, Robert J. Sutherland, basically gave it that identity to mimic a vehicle in his old unit (GPMG mount was added just for fun.) The vehicle itself is actually another anonymous one from the same 3PPCLI disposal I talked about earlier, so its true identity is unknown. I took those pics a few years ago to show someone the basic setup on the Canadian M151A2 vs. the American ROPS cage as respects radios and the like.

Dug through the files at work today and happened across both the photos from the disposal of the 3PPCLI M151A2s out at Work Point Barracks and a list of their serial numbers plus a few sold out of Colwood later on. All the vehicles in the pics have the last 3 of their CFR numbers handily painted on them too, mostly in the range Scott gave earlier.

All of the M151A2s in the pic are 3PPCLI and they all have the ugly 'railroad track' abortion of a bumper on them. Out of the 10 vehicles I could identify in the pics, just the one happens to have an extra jerrycan mount on the fender right in front of the driver mounted in such a way it would obscure the tac sign. Just on the off chance I had a look at my M151A2 from that sale and voila! The holes are there for the jerry can mount, though covered over by a subsequent owner with bondo! By fluke I found my CFR...


If you could look that one up for me too, Scott, it'd make my month. I wonder why there'd be an extra jerry can mounted there, for openers, and why just on the one vehicle? Should make it easy to identify if I ever come across any 3rd Pickly photos from the 80s.

My scanner's pooched at the moment (it's allergic to Windows 7) but I'll try get the photos up somewhere public within the next week. All interested parties may feel free to use them anywhere and everywhere.

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