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Originally Posted by armybuck041 View Post

I've got nothing on the 2 x M38 and the M37. This info is long gone now from the server.

The M151A2 is originally from LDSH, followed by 15 Fd (Arty):

CFR Information
CFR No 09188
CFR Year 1974
Serial No 43753
Actual ECC 121401
Authorized ECC 121401
ERN 30105
Holding Unit 0122
DA Unit 0122
Date Acquired 01-Jan-74
Cost 0
Alloc Code MD
Comm Suite
Current VMO DP357357 - 25-Oct-86
HN Date 30-Mar-88
Pending? No
Disposed? Yes
Disposal Date 05-Jan-88

VMO History for CFR Number : 09188
VMO Type Pending To ECC To AC To HUIC To DA UIC
DP357357 - 25-Oct-86 REGUL No 121401 MA 0122 0122 CFB CHILLIWACK
F86-415 - 17-Sep-86 UPDAT No 121401 MD 0122 0122 CFB CHILLIWACK

The last maint entry was on 19 Mar 86, with a mileage of 66542. Again, this may be in Km, so try converting back to miles if its way off.

Any pics of this said M151 would be of interest. I'm always collecting them as I am still a bit off from completing my M151A2 resto.

As far as a block of CFRs for the VP in Esquimalt:
74-09454 up to 09478
I didn't check each one individually, but as a betting man, I doubt the Navy was using them There were a half dozen more, but were one off CFR's not in any sequence.

Scotty B
Also, that M151A2 that is listed above wouldn't happen to be this one would it? Reason I ask is that it has a 15 Fd (Arty) Tac Sign on it. I don't have any full pics of the Jeep, just some detail shots. Of interest is that it also has the GPMG Mount on it, which was rare/strange for M151s:

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